One reusable cloth mask.

Features of the Mask for Mystics:
* each mask has a front pocket for a stone (contains a full-moon-charged yellow aventurine)
* a phrase for guidance is written on a label on the inner side of the mask
* each mask has been cleansed with sage

* Adult size is approximately 21 x 14 cm
* Made from two layers of 100% upcycled cotton
* Adjustable elastic ear loops

Look at the image to choose your preferred fabric.

**ONCE YOU HAVE PLACED YOUR ORDER I WILL CONTACT YOU TO FIND OUT YOUR CHOICE OF FABRIC.** Or, feel free to email that information to me at susan@allthingspreserved.ca

Regular adult and children's masks are available too.

Note: These masks are not medical grade. They do not guarantee protection against COVID-19. They are meant for use by the general public. Wash before wearing. Wash your hands before applying/removing the mask.