We have high standards for our partner farms. With partnerships built on trust and respect, we are committed to the highest standards of animal welfare, and we’re focused on providing full traceability and transparency.

Trust Your Meat

This product is sourced from local Blackview Farm near Listowel, Ontario. Bill and Michelle of Blackview farm, strive to bring you the best in grass fed, finished, and pasture-raised meats and chicken.


Honest Farms & Ethical Raising

Our partner farms focus on their animals’ health and wellbeing. No industrial practices, no confined spaces, no cutting corners. We only work with farmers that are dedicated to doing the right thing, and are always looking for ways to improve.

100% Grass-Fed & Chemical-Free

All of the animals are raised completely on pasture, free to roam around and graze as they please. They are fed pesticide-free grass, with poultry and pigs supplemented with non-GMO feed. No antibiotics, no added hormones.